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Furnace and Duct Maintenance in Saskatoon

Olson Air-Vac Furnace Cleaning in Saskatoon offers a wealth of services to keep your systems clean and in top functioning condition. We offer maintenance, cleaning, and plenty of other services to ensure your living and working spaces are safe for all.

Multi-Unit, Commercial, and Industrial
Insulation Removal


Furnace and Duct Cleaning

dusty air duct

At Olson Air-Vac Furnace Cleaning, we specialize in furnace and duct cleaning to keep your systems running as efficiently as possible. This comprehensive cleaning will keep dust, and other unhealthy buildup from causing poor air quality.

Hot Air Duct Cleaning

Hot Air Duct Cleaning

Our cleaning services are available for hot air ducts as well. Hot Air Ducts are cleaned separately from the return air to ensure a thorough cleaning, so that any nasty build up is removed. Germs are grown more easily in warmer conditions, making it crucial to keep these ducts clean.

Cold Air Return Cleaning

cold air vent

We offer return vent cleaning for cooling systems to insure a better quality of air. It is imperative that this portion of the system is kept clean and clear from unpleasant materials due to its direct contribution to the space it returns air to.

Coil Cleaning

air duct cooling

The AC Coils and Reclaimer Coils need to be cleaned regularly to make sure the system continues to run smoothly without error. If you have A/C or a High efficient furnace, this part of the furnace is very important to keep clean. If they are very dirty this can lead to an inefficient furnace and even shut your furnace down. We offer precise, careful cleaning of these coils to keep the A/C cool and free from harsh air particles.

Hot Water Tanks

hot water tank

If your hot water tank isn’t working properly and your water isn’t heating up when you need it, we offer regular maintenance services for better functionality. Your hot water tank should be cleaned periodically to prevent flare ups and burners collecting soot. We guarantee to get you back up and running in no time.

Dryer Duct Cleaning

guy checking duct

We offer duct cleaning for dryer systems. If these ducts are not cleaned out regularly, they may break, a replacement may be needed or in the worst case it causes a fire. The replacement will be far more costly than the maintenance services we have available.

Oil Furnace Cleaning


Oil furnaces need to be kept clean in order for them to properly heat your home or commercial building. These require professional, specialized cleaning services that we are available to perform upon your request.

Central Vacs

central vac

For those with central vacs in their homes or businesses, we offer top cleaning and maintenance services to ensure these are in top working condition. We understand how crucial these systems are for everyday use.


ulti-Unit, Commercial, and Industrial

Apartment Buildings


All of our cleaning services are available for apartment buildings. We have experience working with many different types of systems, and have the expertise to ensure each unit is in top working condition for your tenants.



Our cleaning services are also available for systems within condos. For optimal comfort and luxury, your systems should be regularly cleaned and maintained by Olson Air-Vac Furnace Cleaning.

Office Buildings

office building

Office buildings require regular maintenance to guarantee your operations can continue running as they should. We strive to create a better working environment for you, your employees, and the guests of your business.

Mining Camps

mining camp

Mining camps and industrial sectors require high powered and full scale cleaning to ensure everything runs as safely as possible. Our team has experience working in mining camps and ensuring the systems are clear of hazardous conditions.

Insulation Removal

attic insulation

Blown-in insulation in attics can be tough to remove. Our professional technicians are available to completely remove this insulation to make room for new insulation or other building projects you have planned for the space.

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