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Furnace and Duct FAQ

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What is the main purpose of getting my ducts cleaned?

Ducts should be cleaned regularly to maintain the quality of indoor air. The duct system is harder to see, and the dust or other unwanted material can build up on the inside..

Does a dirty duct or air system create more energy costs?

Yes, but it depends on the amount of contamination and what system it is located in. If your fans, coils, and other working parts to the system are coated with dirt or grime, the system may run much longer in order to properly heat or cool the space. This can waste a lot of extra energy and create higher costs than usual.

What air system parts need to be cleaned?

Interior surfaces of the vents and all duct work, furnace, A/C coil and reclaimer coil need to be cleaned. These parts must be cleaned in their entirety – if only 1 or 2 out of the 3 are cleaned, the contaminated parts can easily contaminate the clean ones.

How often should my ducts be cleaned?

When you have your ducts and other systems cleaned, they should remain clean for up to 5 years if they are maintained properly. Ultimately it depends on your situation, pets, renovations.

What types of air duct contamination is there?

The air inside of your home or business was once outside air. This means there may be dust, chemicals, pollen, insects, and rodents pulled into the ducts of your systems. Skin cells, smoke from burned cooking, personal care products, and other sprays can cause contamination as well. Since these ducts can be so easily contaminated, they must be cleaned regularly.

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